Diamond W Equine Services


"I have used Diamond W for over 15 years and feel that they have been a huge part of my success with my horses. They have always been very professional from the office staff to the doctors. The best part is that I have never felt like just a client, but more was treated as a friend." -Rick McIntosh



The backbone of any good equine care is a program based on preventing some of the more common problems.  Vaccinations should be done bi-annually as some need a booster every 6 months and others are yearly.  We should also check your horses’ teeth at least twice a year to see if they need to be floated.  Horse’s teeth erupt continuously through their lifetimes and need maintenance so they can continue to chew and digest their food properly.  A coggins test is also required yearly for all horses.

Services that can be done at annual exam (click on them to find out more):

  1. vaccines
  2. teeth
  3. coggins
  4. routine blood work
  5. body condition scoring with a nutritional discussion
  6. endocrine testing

Unfortunately we live in a state with a very active population of mosquitoes, rabid animals, and traveling show horses so make sure your horse is protected against all these things by making your appointment today.


Diamond W Equine Services is able to offer 24 hour full emergency services every day of the year, including holidays.  Contact us anytime day or night and we will be able to assist you with your equine emergency.


Daily we have veterinarians that service both Trinity Meadows and Lonestar racetracks.  They are available for any routine care and race prep you may need.


All of our veterinarians have trucks specifically equipped to evaluate, diagnose, and treat most lameness issues in the field.  They can come to you and perform any needed imaging at your horse facility.


We offer mare breeding services including; breeding soundness exams, follicle detection, artificial insemination, breeding plans, pregnancy exams, foaling assistance, and new foal examinations.  Our capable staff can travel to your stable or barn and help to get your mares in foal.

Internal Medicine

Horses, much like humans can develop many diseases that require specialized treatment plans and close monitoring such as endocrine diseases, cancer, pneumonia, gastric ulcers, and skin conditions.  We are able to take thorough histories, test, and help develop treatment plans for all of these conditions in your own backyard.

Pre-purchase exam

Prior to buying or selling a horse it is wise to have a veterinarian perform a pre-purchase exam.  This exam consists of a full physical exam, ophthalmic exam, and lameness evaluation.  At the buyers request or if a potential problem is identified we can take radiographs or pull blood work for a drug screen.  This comprehensive overview then is discussed with the buyer to allow them to make an informed decision regarding the sale.


All our vehicles are fully equipped with imaging capabilities including; digital radiographic equipment, ultrasounds, and endoscopy scopes for upper airway exams.  This state of the art equipment allows us to better serve you in a quicker and more efficient manner.